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Pressure Cleaning Pros offer the very best Palm Beach Gardens roof cleaning which may be a technique of improvement. Call for $25 off your next cleaning.

Roof Cleaning began in Florida in the early 1980’s. Initially, it was perceived to be new and more effective way of cleaning and maintaining asphalt shingled roofs, moreover, since the early days, soft wash has been further enhanced and now a method of cleaning and restoring many other surfaces and substrates in a home or commercial building.

The roof of your building can be a major contributor to the overall look of the building. If your roofing substrate is algae ridden and dirty, it can subconsciously make people think the home is neglected and lacks maintenance.
Roofs are usually constructed from metal sheets, clay roof tiles, cedar shakes or most commonly asphalt shingles. Each one of the above substrates has different characteristics and properties and needs to be cleaned and restored slightly different.

However the best method for cleaning these roofing materials is by using the most minimal pressure while washing and cleaning the roof. Excessive or hard pressure cleaning of roofing materials could be extremely harmful to a roof, especially asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Roof shingles

Asphalt shingle roof contains limestone filler which acts by both reflecting the sun’s ultra violet rays in the hot summer months and also retaining heat and warmth inside your home during the cold or winter months. Excessive pressure washing can easily dislodge these limestone fillers thereby leading to increased heating and cooling energy maintenance cost. It can also lead to untimely replacement of the roof.
An original roof should last up to 25-40 years, however some roofs are being replaced as early as 15 or even 10 years due to inadequate or lack of maintenance. That is mostly because algae and other micro-organisms actually eat up the limestone filler. If algae, lichen and moss are allowed to live thrive on your roof, it can cause great havoc and cost you thousands of dollars in replacements cost years before you are supposed to actually incur these costs.

The Solution

Soft wash is the best option to clean and restore all types of roofing substrates and dirt most especially shingled roofing. You will need a proper and suitable cleaning agent that will wipe off these types of micro-organisms and surfactant also needs to be added to the cleaning solution to enable it cling to the roof and not run down the pitch into the gutter. This is mostly important for roofs with a steep pitch. This is actually where we come in.

Pressure Cleaning Pros will clean and restore your roof to its original condition in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Our cleaning solution will make your roof look new and sparkling clean. The product is organic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and safe for use around pets, swimming pool, children and plants.
Always hire us to get an experienced and professional roof cleaning service wherever you are located in and around Lake Worth and Wellington. The majority of our roof washer chemicals and other chemicals are eco and environmentally friendly and also achieve great results.

So let us come out and give you the best roof cleaning your house needs by contacting our office at (561) 667-1688