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Roof Soft Washing & Roof Cleaning

Dirty roof stealing the spotlight from the rest of your home? Pressure Cleaning Pros has the solution. Our team is proud to serve properties from Lake Worth to Wellington with roof cleaning services that make every inch of your investment center stage-worthy.

Safe Soft Washing Service for Southern Roofs

A few things stand out about Florida roofs. They live amongst warm, sunny weather – and they seem to have a perpetual black stain issue. Those dark spots come from Gloeocapsa Magma, a type of bacteria that looks a lot like algae. When Gloeocapsa Magma lives on your roof, it eats at the material that makes up your shingles. This makes your curb appeal take a plunge… But even more importantly, it impacts the lifetime of your roof.

Professionals at Pressure Cleaning Pros are committed to removing Gloeocapsa Magma and other buildup at the source. We don’t just get rid of stains. We kill the growth so it doesn’t come back to bother your roof again.

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Your Palm Beach Florida Roof Cleaning Experts

Your roof stands up to a lot: Rain or shine, it protects your home from the conditions outside. Despite its durability, it shouldn’t be cleaned using excessive force. Our team uses a soft wash roof cleaning approach, which uses minimal pressure to clean your shingles. This service uses and provides:

  • Earth friendly cleaners that deliver beautiful results. Our biodegradable solutions are safe for people, pets, plants, and even your pool.
  • Dirt and stain removal that eliminates discoloration using our meticulous process.
  • Bacterial removal that kills mold, mildew, algae, and other growth for the long term.
  • Curb appeal that has staying power. We always provide service that will benefit your property into the future.

Through our soft washing cleaning service, Pressure Cleaning Pros will restore your roof to its original condition. We’ll make each shingle look new and sparkling clean.

Our team also provides video roof inspection services to ensure that your shingles are holding their quality. This is one of the important ways that we monitor your roofing for long-term results.

Reliable Results and Unbeatable Quality for Your Roof!

We believe that “exceptional” should be the new standard. With our roof cleaning expertise, we’re proud to bring a better future to your shingles – and the rest of your property!

Pressure Cleaning Pros has been service Lake Worth, Wellington, and Delray for more than a decade and uphold high expectations for your property. No matter how big or small the project, we always see the potential that a successful roof cleaning service can provide. Our team specializes in unlocking the full capacity of your shingles from a curb appeal, longevity, and quality perspective.

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When you choose Pressure Cleaning Pros, you get:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    Our job is only done when you’re completely satisfied with the roof cleaning service that we provide.
  • 2-year warranty
    We believe in the quality of your work. Our warranty protects your roof for 24 months, so you’re always getting quality that lasts.
  • Free estimates
    We’re happy to spec out a project for you, free of charge. You can always get in touch to start your complimentary quote.
  • Great quality (and reasonable rates)
    Superior results don’t have to drain your bank account. We strive to offer the fairest rates for our services.

No matter how big your roof – or how dirty – Pressure Cleaning Pros is here to restore it to the best level of curb appeal. We provide roof cleaning service to tile, asphalt, slate, and more.

Benefits of a Clean Roof

The “after” is the best part of any roof cleaning service. This is where customers can truly appreciate what a difference it makes to have clean shingles. With regular roof soft washing maintenance, you can expect:

  • Great first impressions that last
    A roof tends to be one of the first things that people look at when viewing a home or building. We make sure that your property can capitalize on that surface area.
  • Better energy efficiency
    Without Gloeocapsa Magma eating your shingles, your roof can deflect heat from the sun, not absorb it.
  • Quality that stands the test of time
    Most of our roof cleaning services will deliver beautiful results for two years.

With the specialist care of Pressure Cleaning Pros, your roof will always be at its prime. Get service that transforms your property with our experts!

Our Roof Cleaning Results:

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