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Top 5 reasons to trim your palm trees

  • Date : 01-04-2015
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Here is a great article on the top 5 reasons to trim your palm trees by Orange County Register: http://www.ocregister.com/lansner/palm-447370-trees-strong.html

Is it just me, or do shaggy palm trees bug you, too? And now that we’re talking about them, you’ll start to see shaggy palm trees all over Orange County. Maybe even in your own back yard. If you are the harbinger of hairy palm trees, here are five reasons why you might consider a little palm-scaping.

1. Avoid deferred maintenance – keep your palm trees looking good

You dead head your roses, right? Palm trees need a little attention as well, to help them keep looking great. Especially if you are considering putting your house up for sale. You wouldn’t want potential buyers, the home inspector, or the appraiser to be all over your case for what they’ll refer to as deferred maintenance. That would be a label applied to things you should have taken care of, but didn’t. Deferred maintenance items come with a price tag. Either you can pay to have it done before they buyers come over to check out your house. Or you can wait until they deduct an unreasonable amount off of your asking price for them to have enough money to trim the palm trees. Which would you choose?

2. Eliminate rat nesting habitats

Neighborhood rats will be clamoring to climb up into your dead palm fronds and make themselves at home. A perfect place to grow a happy rat family. Rats can have lots of baby rats. Rats can carry rabies. Rats can make a huge mess. Don’t send out a printed invitation! Trim your palm trees and keep the rats away.

3. Avoid potential fire hazard

Dead palm fronds dry out very quickly. The longer you let them stack up, the more potential fire hazard you may be creating. Shaggy Orange County palm trees look like a big stack of kindling waiting for a spark or a strike of lightening to set the whole tree ablaze. Not the kind of fireworks I’d like in my backyard.

4. Don’t leave anything for the Santa Ana winds to toss around

The taller your palm tree grows, the bigger the palm fronds get. The bigger they get, the heavier they get. You get where this is going, right? All those heavy, dried out palm fronds will just get whipped around when the Santa Ana winds whip up. And the wind could whip one through your window. Or your neighbor’s window. Best to cut them off and let the wind whistle on by.

5. Stop giving me the heebie jeebies!

For some people, it’s finger nails on a chalk board. For me, it’s untrimmed palm trees. Gives me a bad case of the heebie jeebies every time I see one, especially when the dead palm fronds cover the entire tree trunk and the palm tree is over 40 feet tall. Goose pimples break out all over my arms, which is probably too much information. So when you trim your palm trees and keep them that way, you’ll really be doing me a big favor. And a favor to yourself, your neighbors, your homeowners association and the bottom line dollars when you opt to sell your home.

Like I said earlier, is it just me?

Here is how we clean a Palm Tree:


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